TENDER: Support, Bradford VCS Alliance, deadline 7th August 2017

TENDER: Support, Bradford VCS Alliance, deadline 7th August 2017 25 July 2017 Bradford VCS Alliance is at a crucial point in its existence; it requires some intensive and swift work to be carried out on it's organisational development to help it function more effectively. This work will develop robust processes to manage complex delivery models through member/partner organisations, whilst retaining the ability to take advantage of opportunities in a timely manner. Key work areas include: Development of policies and procedures  Supporting movement of business activity into BVCSA from partners who supported early formation Recruitment of Directors Recruiting and building a 'marketplace' including developing the 'terms of engagement' for the marketplace when contract delivery begins Membership options appraisal (to support thinking around whether a 'traditional' membership model suits the organisation) Implementing the outcomes of the membership study Reviewing the trading name of the company Other areas of work may become apparent as this work develops.  Any such work must be discussed with the Directors before being actioned. Timeframe:   BVCSA require an immediate start on this work and completion by March 2018; some areas are higher priority than others and require completion sooner within this timeframe. Describe how your organisation delivers social value in Bradford & District and how you measure the impact. Price:  BVCSA have allocated £20,000- £25,000 for this work and expect bids to be within this envelope Conflict of Interest:  It is expected that the successful bidder will not be conflicted in any part of this work. Interested?  Please send applications to polly@bradfordvcsalliance.org.uk  by Monday 7th August Please describe how you would undertake this work and include a draft work plan. Provide a full breakdown of the costs for this work. In your application, you should explain how your organisation has the relevant experience, skills and capacity to deliver this piece of work, evidenced by references, confirming delivery of similar pieces. Tell us about the work of your organisation and the staff you will be involving in this work.   We also expect you to describe why you feel your organisation/staff are not conflicted in the delivery of this work. This content is © Bfunded 2017.
Tuesday, 25 July 2017 - 12:00am