Aire Wharfe & Craven Counselling

Full Street Address: The First Floor Cavendish Business Centre
Postal Code: BD21 3RB
Phone Number: 01535 288335
Organisation Characteristics: Not for Profit Organisation, Paid Workers, Takes long-term volunteers, Voluntary Organisation
Geographical area: Baildon, Craven, Ilkley, Keighley, Shipley, Wharfedale, Worth Valley
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account, Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular meetings of which written records are kept, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies
Information last updated: 8th November 2018

We offer both Counselling and Psychotherapy depending on your presentation and needs, however, all clients must be able to engage in therapy. Where an individual is considered to be severely mentally unwell or highly distressed, immediate therapy may not be possible. AWC Counselling can support and advise people on how to become ready for therapy. Confidentiality means that we do not share information with other agencies. The only exceptions to this are where specific laws are being broken e.g. involvement in terrorism, abuse of vulnerable individuals. The rules around confidentiality and contracting will be fully explained. Therapy sessions are not limited but clients are expected to define goals and work to achieve them. These goals are then reviewed every 6 weeks to ensure that progress is being made.
Counselling and psychotherapy are available for people who are concerned about how they are feeling. It allows them to talk things through and gain an understanding of their choices in particular situations or circumstances. People are supported and helped to work towards goals which will enable positive outcomes.

Counselling can help if:

you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do
you have recently been bereaved or experienced a loss of some kind
a past event is having a negative impact on you and affecting how you feel
you feel stressed or anxious
you have a poor self-image, low self-esteem, or lack confidence
you want to make significant life changes
you have been, or fear that you may become addicted to substances that mask feeling(s)
you are feeling low and may have a sense that you have lost control of your life or your direction
relationships in your life are difficult, or you’re going through divorce/separation or another important change
you simply need a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings and contemplate choices which may lead you to positive change

Everyone has a clinical assessment of their therapeutic need to ensure they will benefit from counselling. Sometimes an agency, an employer or the NHS, directly fund the counselling for the client as well as the assessment cost. Most clients, however, pay for their own assessments.

During the assessment interview, the assessor will discuss counselling fees with the client where applicable. The affordability of the fees for both the assessment and the counselling sessions is fully discussed. The fee, unless paid by someone else, is set at a rate that is affordable for the client and linked to their annual income.

The decision to offer counselling is based on clinical need and not on ability to pay. If a person is not offered counselling, the Clinical Lead will explain why and offer support for them to find an alternative pathway. The cost for an assessment is £25.00