Nesta, Rethinking Parks awards

Nesta, Rethinking Parks awards 7 December 2017 Nesta has launched Rethinking Parks a programme with two different awards that will help support "parks innovators". The fund has a total of £2million to allocate. The funder is defining parks as "public open spaces laid out formally for leisure and recreation." This might include "lakes, ponds, lidos, woodland, flowerbeds, shrubs, ornamental trees, play areas, formal and informal pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts, footpaths, band stands, toilets, cafés and car parks; and parts of some parks might be managed as natural biodiversity and wildlife areas or community growing areas. This programme does include country parks, seafront gardens and city/town green squares with free public access. Cemeteries, commons, greens and recs are not excluded where they are part of a wider proposal, but they should not be the primary focus for a proposal." Replication awards Grants of up to £200,000 over 2 years are available to support organisations to set up, run and learn from innovative, tested, operating models for parks. Not-for-profit organisations including "friends of" groups, social enterprises or a local authority can apply to the replication awards. The deadline for applications to the replication awards is 27 February 2018. The funder is particularly interested in applications that plan to set up parks foundations or include parks within a business improvement district. It will also consider other innovative models that have been shown to contribute to sustainable parks management. For an informal discussion please email Prototyping awards Grants of up to £100,000 over 9 to 15 months are available to support testing and learning from digital innovations with the potential to address challenges that parks face. Not-for-profit organisations including "friends of" groups, social enterprises or a local authority can apply to the prototyping awards. The deadline for applications to the prototyping awards is 28 March 2018. Initial enquiries are encouraged, as is participation in webinars or events to develop your idea. If you have an idea that you would like to develop, please email for more information. Questions? Answers to frequently asked questions are available or email This content is © Bfunded 2018.
Thursday, 7 December 2017 - 12:00am