People First Podcast Project Worker

Job Summary:
The role of the Self Advocacy Support and Development Worker is to enable disabled people (including people with a learning disability) to be involved in the work and plans of People First Keighley and Craven. A key element of this role is to ensure that paid members of staff act as support and Development Workers rather than leaders, the aim of our charity it to support our members to run the organisation, this makes us a true Disabled People Organisation (DPO), in short all aspects of this role are in a supporting capacity and are accountable to the Board of Trustees. 

•     Project Lead Role
•    People First Podcast is a podcast project run by People First Keighley & Craven. 
•    We aim to inform and entertain our listeners by discussing and highlighting the issues that our members face, interviewing interesting guests and playing great music. 

To develop and support the day to day running of our internet based Podcast Show, including editing and broadcasting of all shows, research and

Main Duties:
Member Support:
This role includes but is not limited to:

•    You will be co-ordinating a small team of People First Podcast Radio members, working with them to produce a radio show/podcast.

•    Technical knowledge of microphones, mixing desks and audio recording software (Audacity/Logic etc) is essential. 

•    You will work with the team to invite people to be interviewed, record and edit the interviews and produce a show of approximately 45mins-1 Hour and upload and promote the shows on social media accounts. 

•    You will need to produce jingles/adverts to promote People First events and causes.

•    You will work to recruit and raise awareness of the People First Podcast Radio team  
-    To provide day to day support to all members in line with their individual work plans 
-    To support members to attend local and regional forums and consultations
-    To support members to arrange, facilitate and attend social evenings and events
-    To support members to lead on campaigns around disability issues 
-    To support members to raise the public’s awareness of the issues affecting people with disabilities

Self and Group Advocacy:
-    To play a crucial part of the team that provides 7 sessions per week (6 hrs per day) of Self and Group Advocacy support for those clients that fit the definition of being disabled.
-    To support members to deliver training and awareness sessions around disability 
-    To support members to Improve Health and Well-being and promote positive Health messages 
-    To support members, develop communication pathways for disabled people to engage with health providers and professional to inform practice and influence change 

General Expectations:
Record Keeping
-    To ensure all relevant records are up to date and completed in an accurate, legible and accessible format
-    Ensure all work is in line with PFKC Data Protection and Information Governance policies and procedures 

Monitoring and Reporting 
-    To provide all relevant monitoring information to agreed deadlines, to deliver agreed element outputs to the agreed timescales in line with requirements 
-    Provide timely reports on work activity in line with Funder, Co-ordinator or Management Committee requirements 

Brand Ambassador:
-    To positively promote the work of PFKC in all interactions internal and external 
-    To champion the work of PFKC to all stakeholders 
-    To always behave in such a way that represents the values and ethos of PFKC

-    To be fully self-sufficient in terms of administration
-    To support the wider organisation with administration tasks when called upon 

Fundraising / Bid Writing: 
-    Together with the fundraising team, work to ensure funding steams are explored, grant applications are completed and fundraising initiatives are actioned and completed.

-    To develop training materials to use alongside identified projects
-    To plan and deliver training session in line with funded projects

-    To handle small project petty cash requirements in line with PFKC policies 

Safeguarding Risk Management:
-    PFKC is committed to safeguarding the well-being of all service users, employees and volunteers who are involved in or affected by our work.  All children and adults, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse and the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
-    All employees and volunteers have a duty to prevent the abuse of children and adults and report any safeguarding concerns to the relevant person in line with PFKC police’s and procedures. 
-    To work alongside the Chief Officer to ensure all appropriate risk assessments are completed for any activities linked to this role. 

Policies and Procedures:
-    To adhere to PFKC policies and procedures at all times
-    To support the Co-ordinator and Management Committee when required to review, update and improve policies and procedures 

Volunteer and Placements:
-    To offer operational day to day support volunteers and / or student placements
-    To review and feedback to the Chief Officer progress or issues related to volunteers or students on placement 

Supervision and Team Briefings 
-    To wholly and positively contribute to individual supervisions sessions and Team Briefings
-    To use supervisions as an opportunity to raise concerns or feedback over any areas of your work 

Confidentiality, Data Protection and Information Governance 
-    Maintain confidentiality in respect of the people who use the service, records, staff and the organisation 
-    Take time to study the new rules around information governance and understand your responsibilities in line with PKKC Policies and Procedures. 

Personal Development 
-    To take part in any relevant training or qualifications agreed by the management committee and play and active role in determining own training needs 

Outcomes expected from Role:

-    Improve Health Outcomes for Disabled People 

-    Increased access to information and networking events for Disabled People 

-    Support to plan, arrange and facilitate Healthy Living Events / Roadshow

-    Improve service user / member representation and input to Health and Well Being Services for disabled people 

-    Improve service user / member involvement and empowerment by participating in appropriate consultations, forums and feedback opportunities 

-    Work on and share the message from local and national Public Health campaigns to raise awareness amongst disabled groups 

-    Ensure the needs of disabled people are represented at established local and regional network meetings 

-    Develop communication pathways for disabled people to engage with health providers and professional to inform practice and influence change 

-    Improving patient safety and experience, improving engagement 

-    Improving outcomes for people with long term conditions

-    Improve the health and well-being of all members

-    Making sure the voices and opinions of disabled people are heard and taken into account especially around planning services 

-    Increased public awareness and respect for disabled people
-    Provision of accessible information on current issues for disabled people 

-    Increasing member’s skills and knowledge about self-advocacy, so they can live the life they chose 

-    Provide advice, training and accessible information and resources to council departments

-    Support disabled people to have access to meaningful voluntary work and training opportunities in order for them to gain skills and self confidence
-    Give people who use services commissioned by Bradford Council’s Health and Well-being department an opportunity to influence, improve and develop services and commissioning 

Person Specification:

What our Members want the Self-Advocacy Support and Development Worker to be like.

Attitudes and Behaviours    Essential    Desirable    Demonstrated
Respectful    X        Interview Exercise
Reliable    X        Interview Exercise
Helpful     X        Interview Exercise
Good sense of humour    X        Interview Exercise
Calm / Calming influence     X        Interview Exercise
Trustworthy     X        Interview Exercise
Team Player    X        Interview Exercise

What the Management Committee expects of the Self-Advocacy Support and Development Worker.

Qualifications    Essential    Desirable    Demonstrated
Good standard of education    X        Application Form
Recent training in Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity or Advocacy        X    Application Form
knowledge of microphones, mixing desks and audio recording software (Audacity/Logic etc)    x        

Experience    Essential    Desirable    Demonstrated
Experience of working with disabled people        X    Application Form
Experience of working in a charitable environment        X    Application Form
Experience of facilitating group work or peer support training        X    Application Form / Interview
Knowledge and experience or Direct Payments/Personal Budgets or ISL        x    Application Form/Interveiw

Knowledge and Skills    Essential    Desirable    Demonstrated
Well Organised and works on own initiative    X        Application Form / Interview
Good verbal and written communication    X        Application Form / Interview
Understanding of Advocacy and Self Advocacy values and principles    X        Application Form / Interview
Make information accessible and communicate using easy words with no jargon    X        Application Form / Interview
Understanding of legislation connected to Disability and Equality    X        Application Form / Interview
IT Literate and confident to support others    X        Application Form / Interview
Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines     X        Application Form / Interview

Approach and Style    Essential    Desirable    Demonstrated
Forward and progressive thinker    X        Application Form / Interview
Can do attitude to all tasks    X        Application Form / Interview
Willingness to learn and develop new skills    X        Application Form / Interview
Shares values and objectives of the organisation especially around rights and choices     X        Application Form / Interview
Works well as part of a team and has an acute understanding of team support needs    X        Application Form / Interview

Job description and person specification
Application form

Closing date: 1st November 2021 12:00pm
Hours: 18
Salary: £11.06
Salary Frequency: Per hour
Further details available at:
This job is connected with: People First Keighley & Craven