Monitoring and Data Analysis Officer


  • Provide support to the Project Management team in administering, collating, analysing and monitoring The VCS Alliance Project portfolio.
  • Support The VCS Alliance to ensure the efficient flow of timely data and reporting
  • Provide effective communication with all stakeholders.
  • To provide administrative project assurance, including due diligence and compliance of Delivery Providers.


  1. Provide support to Project Managers in respect of the monitoring and administration of Projects and Contracts.
  2. Work as part of the Staff Team to continually develop, improve and streamline monitoring, invoicing and evaluation systems and processes within The VCS Alliance.
  3. In consultation with Delivery Providers and VCS Alliance colleagues, help to design and develop processes and systems for the capture and collating of monitoring information and data for Projects and Contracts.
  4. Proactive engagement with Delivery Providers to ensure timely and accurate capture of monitoring requirements and to help with any related problems they may have
  5. Record and report on the compliance of Delivery Providers against monitoring requirements of their contracts.
  6. Provide consistent, timely and accurate monitoring data for use by Project Managers in reports to funders.
  7. Ensure that all Delivery Providers have a clear understanding of what is expected regarding due diligence, monitoring requirements and other requirements, such as the training undertaken by their staff and ensure that all monitoring processes are accessible/usable for all Provider organisations
  8. Support Project Managers to carry out the required due diligence with Delivery Providers including GDPR, insurance, professional registrations and having appropriate financial controls.
  9. Work closely with the Project Support Officer to ensure coordinated administrative support is provided across all projects
  10. Ensure that the relevant team member(s) are notified of any actual or potential contract delivery issues
  11. Occasionally assist with meetings of Delivery Partners to provide input regarding monitoring and other contractual requirements
  12. Develop strong working relationships and excellent channels of communication with all Delivery Provider organisations
  13. Use a range of reporting systems, including Excel and Survey Monkey, to enhance the internal and external monitoring process.


  1. Undertake any training or development opportunities as may be required to keep up to date and fulfil the requirements identified for this role.
  2. Attend regular supervision sessions and staff meetings.
  3. Comply with all organisational policies and procedures.
  4. Undertake any other duties as prescribed by and agreed with your Line Manager.
  5. Work in line with The VCS Alliance’s Code of Conduct and maintain good relationships within and outside of The VCS Alliance.
  6. Have a collaborative and flexible approach to work undertaken.
  7. Work in accordance with The VCS Alliance’s Aims, Objectives and Values.
  8. Promote The VCS Alliance with all relevant stakeholders.
  9. Flexibility is an advantage. Please contact us to discuss what this means before accepting any offer of employment.


The VCS Alliance is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion, anti-discrimination and anti-oppressive policy and practice. Everyone who comes into contact with The VCS Alliance and its staff and volunteers will be treated with dignity and respect, and will not be discriminated against directly or indirectly on the grounds of any protected characteristic described in the Equality Act (2010) including their gender identity, sex, race/ethnicity, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, mental health status, age or disability. Job applicants, employees, volunteers and service users will be entitled these protections too.


The post holder is expected to comply with The VCS Alliance Health and Safety Policy and take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by the work.


All job roles are subject to change from time to time and this job description will be reviewed regularly. The job description is a guide to the work that you will be required to undertake and represents a range of responsibilities commensurate with the seniority of the post.

This post is subject to a 3 month probationary period. This post is currently fixed for two years (subject to review of ongoing funding).

Job description
Application form
Personal specification

Closing date: 15th November 2021 12:00pm
Hours: 14-21 hours per week (negotiable)
Salary: £22,183 - £23,541 (pro-rata)
Salary Frequency: Per annum
This job is connected with: The VCS Alliance