Welfare Support Worker

We’re recruiting for a Welfare Support Worker to join our team.

The Welfare Support Worker is a key role for us, providing continuity of care for the guests and clients we meet through our Winter Shelter, our Social Supermarket and our Welfare Support work.

The role supports the running of our Winter Shelter, our starter pack provision for people moving into tenancies, our participation in the Warm Homes Healthy People partnership providing bedding and food parcels and our work with Acts435 supporting individuals in crisis.

It’s a role that requires flexibility, with some evening and weekend work, but can be a very rewarding role as you work with individuals in crisis to address their immediate needs, as well as working alongside them to move them into a more stable and sustainable situation.

Job description
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Closing date: 8th November 2021 12:00pm
Hours: 20
Salary: £10,712
Salary Frequency: Per annum
Further details available at: https://innchurches.co.uk/jobs
This job is connected with: Inn Churches