The Challenge - NCS - Public Speaking Coach

Salary: £150 per work placement (1 day)
Location: Yorkshire, Greater London, Surrey, Bucks & Berks, West Midlands, Manchester and Lancashire.
Role Length: 1 day per work placement.
Dates: Various dates between June & August 2018.
Role Type: Non-residential, non-manager.

You will run single day workshops in public speaking development, presentation skills and communication with groups of up to 84 young people (15-17 year olds), supported by their Team Mentors. The ability to quickly engage and build a rapport with young people will be key in this role!
This role is suitable for an experienced and confident public speaker who can learn and adapt a set curriculum for a diverse young audience.

Main Responsibilities

  • Run workshops in communication, public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Adapt a set curriculum to suit a large audience with a wide range of needs.
  • Ensure all young people in the group are engaged and included throughout the workshop.
  • Build a positive rapport with the Senior Mentors and work collaboratively to engage and include all young people.

Person specification

  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills
  • Extensive experience in facilitation and following set curriculums
  • Experience of working with young people (preferably large groups)
  • Experience of adapting curricula to be inclusive of the needs of all young people
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and build strong professional relationships
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and be adaptable and flexible at short notice
  • A flexible approach to work and the ability to adapt working style to different environments and teams.


  • Knowledge of strategies to help young people build their confidence in public speaking
  • Experience of working with diverse community groups


Closing date: 1st March 2018 12:00am
Hours: 7
Salary: £750
Salary Frequency: Per week
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