Craven Trust deadlines to 2018

Craven Trust deadlines to 2018 28 September 2017 Grants of between £100 and £1,500 are available to local voluntary and community groups for projects that improve the quality of life of local people living within the Craven Trust area. The funding is intended to support projects that build better and stronger local communities for the benefit of future generations. Criteria Non-profit voluntary organisations or community groups are eligible to apply. It is not necessary to be a registered charity, but it is preferred. In addition, applicants must have a constitution and be located in Craven District (which includes Keighley, Haworth, Oakworth, Wilsden & Denholme). Eligible Expenditure The following are some examples of what the funding may be used for: Equipment and capital purchases to improve an organisation's services, administration, functions etc. Training (volunteers, trustees). Premises costs (eg for building maintenance, repairs etc). Set-up costs (eg for a new project, materials or equipment etc). Restrictions The following are NOT eligible for funding: Animal charities. Students. Foreign travel. National charities, medical charities, and other grant-making organisations - unless they can prove that the benefits are for an organisation or person in the Craven Trust's area of benefit. Projects outside the Craven area. Retrospective costs. Salaries and other running costs. Application Procedure Application forms must be supported by the following information: A copy of the organisation's constitution/governing document. A copy of the organisation's latest accounts (or financial statement if annual accounts are not available). A copy of the budget relevant to the application. Latest annual report (or information leaflet or any other supporting material). Applications are considered at Trustees' meetings which are held every three months.  After an application is received, and before the Trustees meet, a visit or telephone call to the organisation will be arranged. Remember to read the application guidelines before you start. Other useful information Map of Eligibility The Craven Trust Deadlines in 2018 12 January 9 March 8 June 7 September Need more details? Contact the Trust Administrator at The Craven Trust, Central Hall, Alice Street, Keighley BD21 3JD, drop them an email or phone on 01535 665258. . This content is © Bfunded 2017.
Thursday, 28 September 2017 - 12:00am