Description Hft is a national charity supporting adults with learning disabilities. In Bradford alone we support over 750 people through a large variety of day opportunities Everyone has the right to live the life they choose and people with learning disabilities are no exception. We don’t believe in a life free of trouble and challenge because real life isn’t like that. But we do believe that in a society based on equality, fairness and decency, we all have the right to the best life possible. People with learning disabilities face obstacles that are hard to imagine and they face them every second of every day with great courage and fortitude. Their families and friends show incredible determination resilience and love. The challenges they face are complex and lifelong. We can’t make them go away but we can offer people the kind of help, support and encouragement that gives them a chance to find more enjoyment, comfort and satisfaction in life. We do this by listening to people, working hard to understand their needs, and then providing the kind of services that make a real difference. We focus on the specific needs of an individual person, being creative about the kind of personal care and support that we offer. This can range from finding someone a job to helping them make friends, to adapting their home so that they can enjoy new levels of independence. Thankfully we live in a civilised country, taxpayers some of our work, but just usually enough to provide a basic level of care and support. Even when that is delivered with all the kindness, sensitivity and respect in the world, it’s never enough. These limited resources are under threat, so we raise charitable funds too... It’s the only way to give the people we support a chance to live life on their own terms. Not an ideal life, but the kind of life we might want for ourselves or for our loved ones – the best life possible
Full Street Address: Listonshiels Rescource Centre
Postal Code: BD4 6DN
Phone Number: 07771 390092
Organisation Characteristics: Registered Charity, Takes short-term volunteers/ placements, Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: National, West Yorkshire wide, Bradford District wide
Has documents: Annual accounts, Bank account (with 2 signatories), Constitution or other governing document, Equal opportunities or diversity policy or statement, Health and safety policies, Regular meetings of which written records are kept, Safeguarding (child, adult protection) policies, Other documents
Information last updated: 27th November 2017