Keighley and Bradford Pensioners Association

Description Campaigning group for the over 50s in the Keighley and Bradford localities. For the betterment of pensioners. Affiliated to - National Pensioners Convention; Yorkshire and Humber area Pensioners Association; Age UK, Bradford; and Keighley Community Transport. Membership open to anyone over the age of 18. KBPA has been created in response to the serious downturn in the economy, and the profound effect it is having on a large section of the elderly. Up to the present moment the various KBPA meetings that we have held have been preparatory. We have managed to acquire an office; along with a computer and printer. We also have a meeting room at our disposal. In effect, our activities will take on a twofold character. These are:
  1. We will be campaigning against any cuts to pensioners' living standards.
  2. We will be assisting people who are in difficulty, but don't necessarily know who to turn to for help.
As far as the campaigning is concerned, we will be doing this in conjunction with the National Pensioners Convention, the Pensioners Parliament, the Yorkshire And Humber Pensioners Convention - along with any other local groups who are concerned about the condition of the elderly. We have already been assured of a series of meetings with other groups on the estates. There, we will be speaking to them about our policies and plans. As far as those who are in difficulty are concerned, we will be arranging one-to-one discussion's with them and advising them what to do. If you want to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us. In reverse, if you could let us have any information about yourself, or any comments you wish to make, please do. If you want to attend one of our meetings then you will be welcome. You can come as an individual or as a representative of another group. We are more than happy for you to address our meetings or, if you wish, we can come along to any group that you are associated with and explain what we are about. We are very confident in the future of the KBPA. We have a wealth of experience behind us and, as the organisation is run by pensioners, who understand the difficulties pensioners are facing, we have every reason to expect a positive response. Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at shared church at Keighley Market starting at 11.15am. For more or updated information please contact Cyril Davies on 01535643357.
Full Street Address: 72 Colne Road
Postal Code: BD22 7PB
Phone Number: 01535 643357
Organisation Characteristics: Takes long-term volunteers
Geographical area: Keighley
Information last updated: 8th June 2016