Handouts from Wellsprings Together Holiday Food event 8 Feb 2018

Handouts from Wellsprings Together Holiday Food event 8 February 2018 Looking for funding? Step 1 - Get ready for funding checklist Step 2 - Plan your project (pages 5 and 6 of this fundraising strategy workbook) Step 3 - Search for funding and Make the most of the bfunded website. Example saved searches You search for funding as many times as you like - it's free. In the image below there are 10 example searches that have been saved using the search criteria to name them for future reference.

Sport England - Small grants, no deadlines

Sport England - Small grants, no deadlines 3 May 2017 Sport England's small grants programme offers grants of £300 to £10,000 to get more people in England engaged in sport. Projects also need to meet one or more of the "Towards an Active Nation" strategy aims: Get inactive people to become more active Develop more resilient sporting habits Lead to more positive attitudes among young people Develop more diverse volunteers Improve progression and inclusion in talent development What can be funded?

Gadget Drive for Schools

Gadget Drive 26 July 2017 Gadget Drive collects items from the school, tests them and pays for them. The service is free. The school gets the full value of donated items. Donated items can include computers, laptops, mobilephones, digital cameras and game consoles.

Big Lottery Fund - Awards For All: NEW GUIDANCE

Big Lottery Fund - Awards For All: NEW GUIDANCE 17 August 2017   The Big Lottery Fund's Awards for All programme has recently revised its application form and guidance. There are several significant changes - but the one that will make a difference to most organisations is that Awards for All applications can now include costs for salaried staff. Focus on outcomes Another big change is to the outcomes that they expect your project to achieve - you now have to demonstrate that your project will achieve at least one of the following:  

Paul Hamlyn Foundation shares review of its UK grant-making

Paul Hamlyn Foundation shares review of its UK grant-making 24 August 2017 Almost a quarter of applicants are successfully applying to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation - we like those odds! This report might help you to improve your chances even further. PHF has a particular interest in supporting young people and a strong belief in the importance of the arts. PHF has six priorities for its work in the UK:    Supporting imaginative people to nurture exciting ideas Widening access and participation in the arts Improving people's education and learning through the arts

Craven Trust deadlines to 2018

Craven Trust deadlines to 2018 28 September 2017 Grants of between £100 and £1,500 are available to local voluntary and community groups for projects that improve the quality of life of local people living within the Craven Trust area. The funding is intended to support projects that build better and stronger local communities for the benefit of future generations. Criteria

Nesta, Rethinking Parks awards

Nesta, Rethinking Parks awards 7 December 2017 Nesta has launched Rethinking Parks a programme with two different awards that will help support "parks innovators". The fund has a total of £2million to allocate. The funder is defining parks as "public open spaces laid out formally for leisure and recreation."

Community Shares Booster programme

Community Shares Booster programme 7 December 2017 "The Community Shares Booster Programme is a funding scheme to support community share offers. It will invest equity up to £100,000 to match community shares in societies that can demonstrate higher than average levels of community impact, innovation and engagement. The programme will also provide development grants of up to £10,000 to help societies get investment ready and meet standards of good practice. Match funding will be in the form of equity held on equal terms with other community shareholders."

Reaching Communities closed to applications 15 Jan to 2 April 2018

Reaching Communities closed to applications from 15 January to 2 April 2018 20 December 2017 News from the Big Lottery Fund: "In England, we are changing the application process for Reaching Communities. This is an important part of our ambition to make it easier for groups and communities to apply for National Lottery funding, and to help improve our ability to make the best funding decisions possible.


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